OVERSEAS SHIPPING! . . . and Hawaii, Alaska

Shipping overseas is expensive when compared to domestic (USA) shipping; . . . believe me, we would prefer to deliver personally if we could . . . and if you are planning a trip to the USA and are coming to California and you have Humboldt County as a part of your itinerary we would enjoy seeing you here at the Cow Barn and we will "hand deliver" your order and include a walk through the Redwoods just out the back door (and a trip to Pierson's for a free cup of coffee).

We use the United States Postal Service Priority International Mail to ship overseas (and to Hawaii and Alaska). This is a 6-10 day service that includes insurance and customs forms generated by the Postal Service. You may have to pay import duty (taxes) . . . that seems to vary from country to country.

The shipping PER UNIT goes down the more units you order. We bundle the packages into one package so the rate decreases per unit even though the overall weight of the package increases. Most of the rate is apparently reserved for "handling" a package . . . so the increase in weight does not double the shipping expense.

Here are a few examples:

Australia -- 2 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders, 8 pounds $51.11 (Feb 2008)

England -- 2 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders, 8 pounds $46.07 (Oct 2009)

England -- 1 :--2<:™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder, 2 pounds, $20 (Nov 2009)

Germany -- 1 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders, 4 pounds, $34.44 (Mar 2009)

Germany -- 2 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders, 8 pounds, $46.07 (Aug 2009)

        (Please note the difference between shipping 1 unit and 2!)

Canada -- 1 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders, 4 pounds, $26.36 (Oct 2009)

Canada -- 1 :--2<:™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder, 2 pounds, $12.50 (Nov 2009)

Hawaii -- 1 Kandle Heeter™Candle Holder, 4 pounds, $15.87 (Nov 2009) (Alaska is similar)

If you can get over the "sticker shock" and wish to order a couple of Kandle Heeter™Candle Holders here is what you do . . . send us your name and address and the number of units you would like and we will price out the shipping and get back to you. Payment is handled through PayPal. (Please Do Not Use The Shopping Cart -- The Shopping Cart is Unable to Calculate Overseas Shipping!) The thing to do is to hook up with a friend or two and order 3 or 4 -- we can bundle up to 6 units into one 48 pound package.

Send your information to vegalot <at> gmail <dot> com (make the appropriate addy changes as necessary.)

If you live in Canada and would like an :--2<:™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder the additional shipping is $12.50. (There are no hummingbirds in Europe . . . but if you just HAVE to Have One the shipping is $20.) Shipping an :--2<:™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder to Central or South America is also $20.

The HEATSTICK™ Thermal Fan uses a 12 volt DC fan and a 110 to 12 volt DC power converter. If you would like one (or two) get in touch via e-mail and we can talk about what your requirements are and if we can meet your needs.

We really enjoy being a small scale (very small scale) exporter. I have much family in Europe (Holland, Poland, England) and hope to get over in a year or two to visit . . . perhaps I will see you then.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send us a note.

Warm wishes from rain soaked, fire scorched, earthquake ridden, "Danger -- Tsunami Zone" Humboldt County California,


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