Honey Beetm Passive Solar Hot Water Heater

    In two or three weeks we will have completed the first prototype of a very unique IPSHWH (Integral Passive Solar Hot Water Heater). Our serpentine array approach promises to be very fast to heat up and to recover, our focus on common materials and methods will make our IPSHWH affordable and practical for those who feel "priced out" of the solar market. We have decided to call our new product the Honey Beetm Solar Heater out of sincere respect to these hard working insects and in hope to bring a little more focus to their current plight. (In case you do not know, Honey Bees are disappearing in America and in Europe at very alarming rates.) Here is our first photo of the Honey Beetm Passive Solar Hot Water Heater.









    Cold water enters bottom left, hot water exits top left. The array is comprised of six 5 feet lengths of 4 inch ABS joined at their ends by fashioned 2 inch "U"s. It is approximately 7 ft in overall length, and a mere 33 inches in width. It will be housed in a 1/2" plywood box. The array holds over 20 gallons of H2O and should price out completely manufactured and boxed under $700. Our goal with this project is to develop a kit comprising all the pieces along with the details, methodology, and drawings of the assembly at a much reduced price. 

    There is a very good reason for making the "U"s with 2" fittings. The lateral distance between the long runs of pipe is almost 6 inches if 4" fittings are used. This doubles the width of the overall array to almost six feet! Using 2" fittings "compacts the array, the lateral distance between the 4 inch pipes is less than an inch. Here is a picture of the components of a fashioned "U".










    Of course the whole thing will go in a box (another reason to compact the design), and we are working on it. Right now we are at the stage of "appropriate assembly". Because there are so many joins in this assembly, it is critical that it be assembled in a manner which will insure that it will not leak from being inadvertently "tweaked" in the process. There will be a set of crucial and precise details for the assembly involving a "holding" jig as the assembly is being built. All this is being worked out and will be presented as soon as possible. We expect a working prototype within the month. (That is like the sign "Back in an Hour" -- but this is a work in progress and we will update and redo this page as we progress, please be patient.)




     We believe that our Earth is in serious Environmental/Energy travail and have decided to make the designs, details, and methodology of our energy and environment solutions available to all people on the Earth. We hope our "Global Open Architecture for Environmental Sustainability" (GOAES) will become a model for other globally minded innovators and businesses. The Honey Beetm Solar Hot Water Heater will be designed and presented in an open architecture manner similar to our introduction of the GlowWarmtm Electric Candle. It will take a while for us to get all the details of our other products posted, most of the design of the Kandle Heetertm Candle Holder can be found here, and we will expand this section later. We will retain all rights to our trade marks.