NEW for 2008!

KANDLE HEETER Candle Holder goes INFRA-RED with the

50 Watt "Heat Glo" INFRA-RED Basking Lamp

("Its not just for candles anymore!")

    The Kandle Heeter Candle Holder turns a jar candle into a space heater (more about that here), but last year we developed an "electric candle" that can be used instead of a flame based candle -- just plug it in and turn it on and you get light and HEAT at the same time. The original electric candle used a 60 watt quartz halogen lamp which produces a very bright white light, too bright as a night light in a bedroom. Then we discovered the 50 watt Infra-Red Basking Lamp!

    This lamp was developed to keep reptiles warm economically. It emits infra-red radiation (like the heat lamps often seen in bathroom ceilings). It also emits a soft warm red light that does not interfere with sleeping.

    The lamp is manufactured for the Hagen Pet Company, the UPC is 15561-22141 and the Hagen part number is 2141. It is the only infra-red lamp that "fits" in the Kandle Heeter Candle Holder. There are other brands of 50 watt infra-red lamps, but they are all just a tad bit too tall.

    50 watts is not expensive for the benefit of dry radiant space heat! It can be operated for 24 hours at a cost of 12 cents (@ .10/Kwh), that computes to $3.60/month for 24 hour operation or 12 hours a night for less than $2 a month! The lamp is "rated" for 2,000-3,000 hours and costs between $7-10 in most pet stores -- PetCo has this lamp.

    We used this lamp extensively last year in a small bedroom as the primary night time heat source in our coastal marine environment. It worked exceedingly well at keeping the damp cold out (dry radiant space heat is the best!) and lasted until March. We were very pleased with our trial. It does not produce as much heat as the 60 watt quartz halogen (it uses 10 watts less energy). If the bright white light of the quartz halogen is not a problem and you do not mind the extra expense or your bedroom is larger/draftier/colder then go with the quartz, but if the idea of a soft warm red glowing bedroom is appealing -- then this is the lamp for you.

    If the electricity should go out, the GlowWarmtm Electric Candle is easily removed from the Kandle Heeter Candle Holder and a jar candle or a liquid based wicked candle put in its place. Each COMBO Pack includes a complete Kandle Heeter Candle Holder, GlowWarmtm Electric Candle, and the lamp of your choice.

Lots more information about the Kandle Heeter Candle Holder and the GlowWarmtm Electric Candle here on our home page.

    Please e-mail us and let us know of your experiences with this lamp at vegalot<at>gmail(.)com.


The COMBO Pack with the 50 watt INFRA-RED lamp is excellent for a bedroom! It generates a very warm glowing red light that does not interfere with sleeping but still supplies ambient light to see by. The 50 watt INFRA-RED lamp heats the radiator assembly as well as a jar candle with no smoke, soot, or odor. It can be operated for as little as 5 cents for 10 hours or less (10 hours X 50 watts = 500 watt hours = .5 Kwh, @ .10 Kwh = $.05). The Constant Dry Heat generated by the Lamp/Radiator Assembly can keep the chill and damp out of your bedroom all night long! "It keeps the cold outside."  Order the RED COMBO Pack, $49.95. Buy One Now!


    All COMBO Packs include a complete Kandle Heeter Candle Holder and GlowWarmtm Electric Candle with the lamp of your choice. If (when) the lights go out, just remove the electric candle and replace with the saucers and a jar candle for light and heat until the power comes back on.