The Veg-A-LotTM Insulated Growhouse $795-

5 ft wide, 8 ft long, 5 ft high -- the walls go "up and down" -- 40 sq ft of insulated garden space!

There is nothing else like it in all the world! Grow veggies all year long -- a lot of veggies . . .

  --- 40 Sq Ft ---

Insulated Grow Space

5 Ft High !

Grow Garden Vegetables

          All Year Long . . .

------ Even in Winter!..



.. .. And the Walls go Up and Down .. .. ..  (now how cool is that?)


    The Veg-A-Lot tm Growhouse is specifically designed for individuals and families that want

garden fresh vegetables on their table all year long without refinancing their house. The Veg-A-Lot tm

maximizes available space by "removing" the aisle normally associated with a greenhouse allowing a

lower over all profile (most vegetable plants do not exceed 4 ft) and maximizing material usage.

    The Veg-A-Lot tm Growhose demonstrater is located on the California North Coast, 250 miles

north of San Francisco, a few miles south of Eureka, and within sight of the ocean. It has excellent solar

exposure. If you take the Elk River Road exit to visit the Headwaters Forest, you will drive

right by. (Honk and wave!) The garden was/is a huge success, much food, little work . . .

    I know of no better way to tell the story than with pictures, please enjoy . . .















    The photo above is from late April, 2006. The Veg-A-Lot tm Growhouse has been placed on

a triple dug French Intensive 6" raised bed with an unseen buried 18" perimeter gopher fence.

The long black pipes are air inlets that provide outside air into the garden center.


    The photo below is from May 10th. Most plants were started from seed, but there

are a few sets -- two eggplants, a green pepper, and some strawberries in the corners.














    Photo below is from May 30th. The eggplant is growing great, and I got a mess

of turnip greens when I thinned them. There is a run of lettuce on the other side

of the air pipe, the beets and carrots have also been thinned. Okra, broccoli, and

spinach in upper left corner. Hardly any pest problems at all. And the watering is

every 2-3 days depending on conditions and plant size. The goal is to encourage

deep roots into the prepared bed and reduce watering frequency. Watering is only

done in the evenings to allow the water to soak in during the night and reduce

moisture build up. Upper ceiling temperatures of over 100 Fahrenheit have already

been noted. The ceilings vents are now cracked about a third.

Soil temperature is nicely warm.












    Three days later, June 2.

    I began enjoying the harvest on a daily basis sometime around the 10th -- plenty of greens for fresh

salads, trimming a little of the herbs for soups and stews. Virtually no pests, and no dogs, cats, raccoons, etc.












    Photo above is the "afternoon" side, below is the "morning" side. Friends and neighbors are

suitably impressed when I walk them over to the closed growhouse, and then raise up a wall to

a chorus of "ohhs" and "ahhs" . . .












    Below is a close up of the same day -- you can just make out the red stems of the beets behind

the turnips on the far right.

















    June 20th, (below) having some turnips now, lettuce, spinach, and greens galore!

    Three days later, broccoli is adding leaves daily, everything is vigorous and hearty . . .

    July and August were busy months spent finalizing plans for the Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder. The

garden supplied a lot of fresh food, and then sometime in August, we pulled everything that

was harvestable and prepared another planting. The beets and carrots were/are very popular and did

well -- so we put in some more. Photo below is from August 28th -- you can see the first cuts from

the broccoli, and a few harvested eggplants on the stool.

    Close-up of the eggplants -- we had a lot of eggplants to share!

    No photos from this year yet. It is still March, and we are eating the last of the

crops. Still have a few beets and carrots in the ground, but it is time to clean it all

up and start afresh for 2007. We have two units available, please e mail us for

shipping and delivery information at vegalot/at/gmail/dot/com. The Veg-A-Lot tm

Growhouse is designed to fit in the bed of a full sized pick-up truck. If you (or a

friend) have a suitable truck, we invite you to come up to Humboldt for a weekend

get-a-way, and take your new garden growspace home with you.

    Photos below are construction details.

    This is a construction detail. The basic end-caps are constructed from 1x8 pine. They are gusseted with wood and steel. The gray rectangles are painted steel gussets on the joints. We are designing for strength in the frame, yet maintaining a light airy approach. Completed units weigh in at about 100 pounds and can be picked up by two persons, one at each end. Handholds are integrated. The round holes provide air intakes, the large square frame is for the adjustable exhaust vents. The 2x4 pressure treated foundation is integral to the unit and also received two coats of paint. The completed unit can be placed directly on the ground, but far better to mount it to a 2x6 to 2x12 raised bed frame. The units are very square, please call for exact raised bed dimensions (inside dimensions are approx. 57 inches by 93 inches).

















    This is a detail of a glazed end. Upper air vent is in place. The entire frame has received two coats of paint. You can just make out the aluminum angles that form the long eaves and integral gutter for the roof. The aluminum adds a tremendous lateral strength to the unit. This unit is very near completion. Barely visible in the background on the left is a Tomato PalaceTM Greenhouse. The glazing material is SolexxTM Greenhouse Glazing, a twin wall UV treated polyethylene that is light, flexible and durable. The exposed cut ends are all sealed when cut to create a dead air insulating blanket around the growing environment. The flexibility of the glazing is what gives us the ability to enable the walls to go up and down. Each wall is designed to roll into the roof. Only one wall at a time. The 5 feet wide grow space enables the gardener to reach in 2.5 feet from each side to the center.











    Ready to be delivered to your back (or front) yard. Call or e-mail us at vegalot/gmail/com.

    Our goal is to help you grow food for your family and friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch.


    We believe that good food makes healthy people.








     We believe that our Earth is in serious Environmental/Energy travail and have decided to make the designs, details, and methodology of our energy and environment solutions available to all people on the Earth. We hope our "Global Open Architecture for Environmental Sustainability" (GOAES) will become a model for other globally minded innovators and businesses. The Honey Beetm Solar Hot Water Heater will be designed and presented in an open architecture manner similar to our introduction of the GlowWarmtm Electric Candle. It will take a while for us to get all the details of our other products posted, most of the design of the Kandle Heetertm Candle Holder can be found here, and we will expand this section later. We will retain all rights to our trade marks.